Having Gratitude for What Is – Marie Naubert
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Having Gratitude for What Is

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Having Gratitude for What Is

As a human being, I am the author of my interpretation for each of my experiences. What I perceive, think, feel and create about my existence is what I write in the book of my life as being significant and important to me. I consciously or unconsciously register everything there, from the smallest to the biggest details of each experience. This is true for every individual on this planet and at all times.

For weeks on end now and still to this day we are all affected, one way or another, by the same unique situation. It has the particularity of being uncontrollable by humans at this time. We are confronted by a life threatening virus, invisible to the human eye, but which is alive and named and has a direct impact on our daily lives.

Sharing from our experience has value, even if it is a personal interpretation. With this in mind, I’m delivering my reflections about what is taking place for me during this unique pandemic time.

I only have gratitude for what is unfolding in my immediate environment. The government, the people, the businesses, the will to do good, the respect of following recommendations and orders and even those who rebel and resist, all included, I bow down in front of all that is taking place before my eyes.

I find the benefits and the silver linings to be immense. For the first time, I can hear silence filling more and more space each day in the little town where I live. The background noise of machines, cars and trucks are now hardly perceptible and sounds of chirping birds have overtaken space. I can feel in my body the noticeably calmer energy that reigns overall. Just like a cat peacefully sleeping beside the warm fire once tranquility has settled after a busy day, my body has naturally become more relaxed.

I’m in complete awe for life itself.  The same one which animates my body and the one in which I am immersed in. I have a deeper appreciation for nature surrounding me, for the air becoming increasingly pure and the quietness that’s progressively taking over.  Like the change of the seasons, we are forced to move on. Spring is here. It is melting with its strong wind and rain the old and dirty snow belonging to another time.  It is making place for another season to flourish.

Could it be that we are entering a new era?

We have been given the grace of this “pause”.  A time-out, as it were, perhaps to find ourselves within and find out who we truly are, while in the comfort of our homes.  My mother who had eleven children and also worked full-time in the world, needed time out once in a while. She enjoyed taking time away from the family, especially in the quiet surroundings of retreats in nature. Here she could reconnect with herself, creating empty space within her being to replenish her energy. Consider the immeasurable grace we are given at this time, requiring a necessary isolation for each one of us, but on a worldwide scale. Humans could not have created it, even when our survival was in jeopardy. At the very least, isn’t it an incredibly rich time for Mother Nature to recuperate and replenish in the face of our complex global climate change predicament?

Life takes care of life.

For me, the unprecedented global pause we are presently experiencing is the clearest, the most auspicious and the most comforting example given to us of Life taking care of life. While acknowledging the scope of suffering included in this pandemic, I also have gratitude for how Life takes care of itself beyond the human will. I place my deep trust that there is a higher intelligence, which we endeavour to name but is unnamable.

Our global situation presents us with a tremendous opportunity, also called “grace” to “dis-cover” this superior intelligence. Animating life in its entirety it is also within us to unveil. I believe it is the unique source for all that is.

I feel we have been given a wonderful possibility to connect with ourselves and to learn about who we are and our intimate truth. The potential for inner connection is without precedent. No one in our modern time has ever lived or ever known such a phenomenon of planetary magnitude. This is the same human kingdom which could not ever have come together of its own accord to organize a global peace pause, without discord or war even when the survival of our species depended on it.

So, I wish you a peaceful time off, a retreat of the kind that your heart longs for. Could you find comfort, at least in the faith that Life takes care of itself, and that we can surrender to it.


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