A curated Death & Dying list of TED Talks & others.

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martha Atkins TEDx SanAntonio 2013

More to dying than meets the eye.

Martha Atkins is a death educator and researcher. She helps to recognize the signs when death is approaching. The sign less recognized and accepted.

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Dr. Leslie Blackhall TEDx Charlottesville 2016

Living, living and the problem with hope.

Dr. Leslie Blackhall, head of palliative care at the University of Virginia, believes that accepting dying as a part of life allows us to achieve a richer and fuller life with the days that we live.

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Dr. Joel Zivot TEDx Emory 2018

Medical Assistance in Dying: Not as Easy as it Looks

Dr. Zivot lectures and writes on a number of subjects related to the practice of clinical medicine, end of life care, and the ethical conduct of physicians in lethal injection and physical assisted death both in peer reviewed journals and the press.

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Jeremy Make TEDx MileHigh 2016

A Better Way to Die

Jeremy has over a decade of experience working in healthcare and recently completed an MA in Health Communication. He created the ChoiceModel.com to more clearly outline a person’s options at end-of-life care.

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Matt Vickers TEDx Christchurch 2015

The Choices we Have About How we Die.

Matt shares the story of his wife Lecretia, and the reasons why he continues to campaign for consensual physician-assisted dying for terminally ill patients; carrying as he says ‘‘ a responsibility to ensure that Lecretia’s personal sacrifice wasn’t for nothing.

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Rochelle Martin TEDx Kingstreet women 2015

Let’s Talk About Death

There is a ‘‘Momentum’’ going on with all of us, with every breath, every heartbeat, we are getting moving closer to our end.

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peter Fenwick TEDx Berlin 2012

The final border.

Peter Fenwick speaks of near death experience.

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Marie-jo cleghorn TEDx queens u

Lessons from the dying.

After an extensive career working as a nurse, Marie-Jo has developed a passion for palliative care.

She discusses three lessons that have given her a unique perspective on why your words matter and how sometimes there is no tomorrow.

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Dr.Mary Neal TED X Jackson Hole 2018

Death brings context to life.

During a kayak expedition, Mary Neal had an accident and drowned. She talks about her near death experience.

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