Certified Life Skills & End of Life Coach

I help cancer caregivers have sustainable and enriching caregiving relationships, by providing customized tools and co-creating a robust and responsive plan that allows them to balance care with self-care.

You are the caregiver of someone close to you.

But you are feeling overwhelmed with it all.

Feelings of inadequacy, exhaustion,

anxiety, isolation and frustration visit you daily.

The support you need is available.

I have the tools and experience.

You can establish inner balance

while caring for someone.

Fulfillment of the wish of many patients to remain at home towards to end of life is heavily dependent on the caregiving efforts of the family members. Palliative caregiving entails considerable health risks for the family caregiver. Provisions of appropriate support for family caregivers can eliminate these risks and enhance family members’ quality of life.

-Dr. Kelli Stajduhar
— Burdens of Family Caregiving at End of Life


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Please take note: Life Skills and End of Life Coaching are not medical replacements. I am not medically trained and it is NOT in my responsibility or in my capacity to bring counselling, therapy or medical support.

I applaud your effort in seeking support. You are heading in the right direction. I will be in touch with you very soon.

Marie Naubert

My services are available in English & French

About Marie Naubert

Born in Montreal, in a busy family of eleven children, I have been gifted early on with experiences that have strengthened my capacity for understanding and empathy. Naturally inquisitive, and with a deep sense of compassion for the complexities of human nature, I feel called to be of service to others.

My strong desire for learning and exploring has guaranteed me a unique and rich life. Strongly self-directed, creative and resourceful, I have designed my path choosing studies, training and certifications in diverse fields such as Gerontology, Theology, Massage, Meditation, Brainwave Therapy, Music, Art, Business, Life Skills Coaching and recently, End of Life Coaching and Home Funeral Guide.

My experiences as a Life Skills Coach, End of Life Coach and caregiver, enable me to bring specific custom-tailored tools to each situation, to individuals and families who are caregivers to loved ones with a life-limiting illness or end of life.